Valge Tudruk

Valge Tüdruk


kõva music – ravescape - concert & performance - resistance & activism - estonian sabotage union – estonia

Valge Tüdruk (white girl) is an independent provocative performance art act who’s focused on raising controversial issues (gender/poverty/politics/ignorance). Her goal is to reflect on current social situation and make it into hard (in Estonian "kõva") music and performance. Ravescape.

The name itself Valge Tüdruk criticizes the privileges of a basic Estonian girl. His provocations gave her a great visibility. Valge Tüdruk is not afraid of anything or anyone and has been invited to all kinds of artistic & cultural events.

She recently collaborated with the Estonian Sabotage Union to provoke people to question their lifestyles and their choices. Sometimes blasting the Putan Club.

Her music ranges from art-pop to interlingual rap, from hip hop beats to poetical slow jams, from trashy homemade post-internet sounds to concrete techno.

Valge Tüdruk last blast is "Kakapomm": check !
Other are "Avtobus" and "Eat Your Own Shit Dog in a Good Way".

A quote :

  "Magic magic my ass/life is a magic trick

  It needs a beton supportive mechanism

  I don’t fit where there frame is concrete

  That’s what I am - kõva"

Valge Tüdruk (Elina Masing) :

vox, performance, agitprop, electronics


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