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RAGAZZE ITALIANE  (onda italiana)

Drawing extract from "Horses", by Nicolo Pelizzon


An evening with two bands from the  Nuova Onda Italiana,


Lilith Le Morte :  Onironauti

Putan Club : Filles de Mai

Okay, there is also a French on the road: no one is perfect.

Nota Bene. To bite his friends, the Ragazze Italiane play IN the audience. No stage, no super-stars.

ITALY. Forget the banalities that the market has been sending you for decades: weekend in Rome & Pisa tower, spaghetti, pizza, gelati & mozzarella, mafia & politics. At best Pasolini & Morante, for the happy-few.

Let's take what resists. The new Italian musical wave is today in the hands of women. And they have nothing to lose, because in the "hopeless country" lined with culturally displayed machismo, they know that it will be difficult for them to make a career or interest the industry, while on the part of the government there is no social action, no cultural policy if not that of entertainment, no subsidies for the arts, no unemployment benefits. Nothing. This leaves space for many things.

« Ragazze italiane » : much more than a pitiful and shabby postcard for tourists in need of clichés. Decidedly, la rivoluzione è fica.

Basic Lexicon :


 Ragazze italiane : Italian girls


 Onda italiana : Italian wave


 La rivoluzione è fica : the revolution is beautiful. Play of word with "fica", meaning "nice" but also denoting the female reproductive organ.



Gianna Greco : bass, voice, computer (Karma, Lydia Lunch, Ifriqiyya Electrique, Low House)
Zoé Martinot : drums (Low House)

François R. Cambuzat : guitar, voice, computer (L’Enfance Rouge, Lydia Lunch, Ifriqiyya Electrique, Low House)

With an average of more than 180 concerts a year, 1000 concerts since its inception (2014), regularly touring Europe, China, Turkey, Africa & Central Asia as well as invited by many international festivals like Bazant Pohoda (SK), Tomorrow Fest ( Shenzhen, PRC), Milhoes (PT), Festival Croisements (Beijing, PRC), Amplifest (PT), the Putan Club remains iconoclastic, violent, groovy and resolutely feminist-revolutionary. Trance, Dance and Challenge.

The Putan Club does not belong to any church (rock, techno, jazz, before, or what the fuckever) but claims the right to be all that, and more. And proved it, from Laâyoune to Vladisvostok.

Links :

- Website

- Extracts album « Filles de Mai » (Toten Schwan Records, 2017 )

- Videos :

       Filles de Mai


The Putan Club composed part of the soundtrack of Pedro Pinho's film "A fàbrica de nada" (The Factory of Nothing), awarded at the "Quinzaine des Réalisateurs", Cannes Festival 2017, Fipresci Prize. Trailer.


noise-rock / dark / industrial

Alice Cusi: piano, voice, drum machine, video projections

Annalisa Liuzzi: bass, voice, drum machine, video projections

No guitar. A monstrous piano, a huge bass. Lilith is an experimental duo where two extreme personalities, synthesizers and drum-machines compete. A breathtaking concert, suspended between video projections, Timburtonian atmospheres, noise-rock, dark and industrial.

Lilith: the name of the female demon and feminist par excellence. Le Morte: the dead, pointing the world of the afterlife to an exorcism of death itself, understood as a deprivation of the vital energy to which the human being is subjected, trapped in hypocritical structures and negative mechanisms imposed by society.

D.I.Y., total and uncompromising. Lilith Le Morte creates her music, video projections and video clips in total autonomy. The group has been disrupting Italy since 2013.

"These girls are brilliant [...] In summary, David Lynch dines with KMFDM." (Rumore)

"…the result of a mad and delirious experimentation [...] under the banner of a total freedom of composition which, in anarchic cruelty, points directly to the listener…" (Ascension)

"...A new parenthesis, a world to tell. An album to listen: in loop...." (Tuttorock)


Extracts album "Si rompe il silenzio nel giardino delle mandragole" ( Swiss Dark Nights / Toten Schwan Records, 2017 )


Videos :

      Youtube user