March-July 2021

Transcontinental notte

new concept: travelling/composing/writing/filming somewhere else, as far as possible,  where neither the Music Industry nor the Artistic Agencies will ever take any western musician, really gone-out in countries defined impossible to reach, considered much too dangerous - but especially of derisory earnings and thus unimportant interest. So they say.

"Transcontinental": travelers and curious inveterate, Zoé Martinot, Gianna Greco, Denis Siggi Alekseev and François R. Cambuzat want to prove that despite these times, it is still possible to cross a whole continent in concerts. Over 40,000 kilometers and over 21 borders for more than 70 performances in less than 3 months.

Besides the concerts & workshops, this whole journey will of course be filmed and edited.
Some former achievements of the Trans-Aeolian Transmission:
- "Xinjiang, Taklamakan & Karakoram" - shamanism & Dolans, Xinjiang, China
- "Ifriqiyya Electrique" - adorciste ritual of possession, Djrid, Sahara, Tunisia
- "Alevilik Aşkına" - alevism, Dersim, Kurdistan, Turkey

60% of the concerts on our route are confirmed, but we still have availabilities.
Within a radius of 1000 kilometers, everything is still possible.
Join us : tazubmacATgmailDOTcom

« Traveling is not an innocent activity (…). But all those who led this life will give a finger of each hand to get back
on the tracks one day: nobody never recovered from this experience. »  
Nicolas Bouvier


« Impose your luck, hold tight your happiness and go towards your risk.
Looking at you, all three will get used to it. »
  René Char

This transcontinental is fueled by "Газель Смерти - Gazelle of Death" from Denis Siggi Alekseev.


- Concerts & workshop proposed on Tour -

In each city, and for each venue, we offer one of the following four activities.
More than one concert is also possible.



Concert. Avant-rock.

Voices, guitars, bass, drums & computer. The Putan Club
declines feminism, electricity, electronics & avant-garde
- as if Skrillex violated The Birthday Party: groove and
high tension. Trance, Dance and Defiance.

"Dance ? Drone? Industrial? Postpunk? Avantpunk? Doom?
Aggressive-ambient-rock? Avant-world-music ? Whatever
the label, it’s definitely great music....And striding among the
audience, Gianna Greco give us post-Birthday Party swagger
and some of the heaviest bass since Lemmy, while
François R. Cambuzat sings avant-left lyrics and sweats
buckets, while spraying us with sharp guitar riffing that
threatens to lift you off the ground... A sense of immersion in

sound and attitude to which you can do nothing but submit...Free, unfettered, and couldn’t care about anything except playing the music – a festival crowd or a room of 20... Three of the most unassuming, charming and lovely people I’ve ever met. In the 21st century, there’s no need for contrived unpleasantness or cult of personality, just music that moves the listener expressed without restraint…"   Dave Foxal - A J. Noise (UK)

Audio playlist
Videos :
  Filles de Mai

Riders & more

Xinjiang, Taklamakan & Karakoram (People's Republic of China)
Concert+Movie around Uyghur musics.

A creation from the Xinjiang region with Uyghur musicians
(shamans, bards and dolans), then rebuilt with computers

and electrical instruments to compose a neo-shamanic 
and post-industrial music. On stage, three musicians play their
concert / documentary / road-movie with their film shot
for years between Kashgar, Marqit & Iarkam, in the depths
of the Taklamakan desert, in the Karakoram mountains
and on the Pakistani, Tajik and Kyrgyz borders towards
the hearts of the last stopover cities of the Silk Road.

Some apparitions: Musée des Confluences (F),
Offest (MK), Croisements Festival (PRC),
Jardins Efemeros Festival (PT), Théâtre Anthéa Antibes (F)...


Video extracts

Flamenca guitar concert.

Fran de la Frontera lives in the Saint-Jacques district from
Perpignan, France, in the department of Eastern Pyrenees.
Ancient continental capital of the kingdom of Majorca, due to
its important gypsy community, for centuries Perpignan has
been a bridge between the Iberian Peninsula and the south
of France. Music reigns over the Saint-Jacques district,
and the music of the neighborhood is of course gypsy,
between catalan rumba and flamenco.

Fran de la Frontera juggles the palos flamencos

-buleria, solea, sevillana, guajira, tiento, farruca et allegria-

learned from the hands of master Alain Diaz..


Audio extracts



Grand ensemble of com-povised musics.
Workshop. Concert.

Conduction and writing workshop of a palette of instant musical compositions, developing certain methods of contemporary creation close to improvisation, based on the experiences of composers and conductors such as Lawrence D. Butch Morris or Anthony Braxton.
A real creative process orchestrated in two artistic moments:

I) the realization of rehearsal workshops,
II) a restitution concert.

Production of instant compositions (songs, instrumental, solos...)
for a large group of musicians, professionals or amateurs:
no particular musical level is required.
Age: 8 to 108 years old.
Acoustic instruments: real (guitars, vocals, sousaphone, etc ...)
or invented (pots, boxes, rattles, whistles, boxes ... etc ...)
and voice.

The Great Orchestra of Disaster has been organized
in theaters, clubs, festivals, high & elementary schools......
Festival FMM Sines (PT - 2015, 2017, 2019),
L'Antipode Rennes (F), LPA Claude Simon Rivesaltes (F),

Centro Musicale Copertino (I)...

Audio extracts 2020

The route

02 April Fri -- available Catalunya, Basque Countries, Northern Spain

03 April Sat -- available Lisbon, Portugal

04 April Sun -- available Portugal, Basque Countries, Northern Spain


Week 1.

05 April Mon -- day off

06 April Tue -- avalaible Iparalda & Aquitaine, France

07 April Wed -- avalaible Aquitaine & Center, France

08 April Thu -- avalaible Center & North, France

09 April Fri -- avalaible Paris, North France & Belgium

10 April Sat -- available Belgium & Netherlands

11 April Sun -- available Belgium & Netherlands


Week 2.

12 April Mon -- avalaible Netherlands, Germany or Central Europe (towards Poland)

13 April Tue -- avalaible Netherlands, Germany or Central Europe (towards Poland)

14 April Wed -- avalaible Germany or Central/Northern Europe (towards Poland)

15 April Thu -- avalaible Germany or Central/Northern Europe (towards Poland)

16 April Fri -- Szczecin (PL) 

17 April Sat -- Wrocław (PL)

18 April Sun -- Warszaw (PL)


Week 3.

19 April Mon -- day off

20 April Tue -- Vilnius (LT)

21 April Wed -- Riga (LV)

22 April Thu -- Tallinn (EST)

23 April Fri -- St.Petersburg (RU)

24 April Sat -- Moscow (RU)

25 April Sun -- Nizhniy Novgorod (RU)


Week 4.

26 April Mon -- day off

27 April Tue -- Saransk (RU)

28 April Wed -- Kazan (RU)

29 April Thu -- Ufa (RU)

30 April Fri -- Perm (RU)

01 May Sat -- Yekaterinburg (RU)

02 May Sun -- Tyumen (RU)


Week 5.

03 May Mon -- day off

04 May Tue -- Omsk (RU)

05 May Wed -- Novosibirsk (RU)

06 May Thu -- Tomsk (RU)

07 May Fri -- Krasnoyarsk (RU)

08 May Sat -- Irkutsk (RU)

09 May Sun -- Ulan-Ude (RU)


Week 6.

10 May Mon -- day off

11 May Tue -- Chita (RU)

12 May Wed -- day off

13 May Thu -- Blagoveshchensk (RU)

14 May Fri -- Khabarovsk (RU)

15 May Sat -- Vladivostok (RU)

16 May Sun -- Vladivostok (RU)


********************************** half of the tour ********************************


Week 7.

17 May Mon -- day off

18 May Tue -- Bribodzhan (RU)

19 May Wed -- day off

20 May Thu -- day off

21 May Fri -- Gusinoozersk (RU)

22 May Sat -- Ulaanbaatar (MG)

23 May Sun – (MG)


Week 8.

24 May Mon -- day off

25 May Tue -- (MG) 

26 May Wed -- Barnaul (RU)

27 May Thu -- Ust-Kamenogorsk (KZ) 

28 May Fri -- Pavlodar (KZ) 

29 May Sat -- Nur-Sultan (KZ) 

30 May Sun -- Karaganda (KZ) 

Week 9.

31 May Mon -- day off

01 June Tu -- Almaty (KZ) 

02 June Wed -- Bishkek (KYR) 

03 June Thu -- Dushanbe (TJ) 

04 June Fri -- Toshkent (UZ) 

05 June Sat -- Samarkand  (UZ) 

06 June Sun -- Buxoro (UZ) 

Week 10.

07 June Mon -- day off

08 June Tu -- Asgabat (TURK) 

09 June Wed -- Iran (IRN)

10 June Thu -- Iran

11 June Fri -- Iran

12 June Sat -- Iran

13 June Sun -- Iran

Week 11.

14 June Mon -- day off

15 June Tue -- Erevan (ARM)

16 June Wed -- Tbilisi (GEO)

17 June Thu -- Kutaisi (GEO)

18 June Fri -- Samsun (TR)

19 June Sat -- Ankara (TR)

20 June Sun -- Izmir (TR)

Week 12.

21 June Mon -- day off
22 June Tue -- available Istanbul, Greece, Bulgaria
23 June Wed -- available Greece, Bulgaria
24 June Thu – available Greece, North Macedonia
25 June Frid -- available Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia Herzegovina
26 June Sat -- available Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia Herzegovina
27 June Sun -- available Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia

Week 13.

28 June Mon -- day off
29 June Tue -- available Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary,
                            North Italy, Switzerland, Austria

30 June Wed -- available Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia

01 July Thu -- available Czechia, Germany, Luxembourg

02 July Fri -- available Germany, BeNeLux
03 July Sat -- Conincx Pop Festival, Elsloo (NL)
04 July Sun -- available BeNeLux, Paris, Germany


60% of the concerts on our route are confirmed, but we still have availabilities.
Within a radius of 1000 kilometers, everything is still possible.
Join us : tazubmacATgmailDOTcom

Газель Смерти - Gazelle of Death
Trans-Aeolian Transmission

Putan Club
Le Grand Orchestre du Désastre
François R. Cambuzat