Putan Club

Trans-Aeolian Transmission (Research & concert-road-movie)

Xinjiang, Taklamakan & Karakoram (Concert/road-movie, shamanism & dolans, PRC)

Ifriqiyya Electrique (Adorcist and Postindustrial Ritual, Maghreb, North Africa)

Le Grand Orchestre du Désastre (Worldwide - grand ensemble of improbable musics)
Ndox Electrique (Postindustrial scheme of the N'döep ritual, Sénégal)

Machine Rouge (Poetry & trance with Denis Lavant)
Kabar Nwar (ritual of struggle and curse, Reunion Island)

Transcontinental (crossing a whole continent)

Lydia Lunch’s Putan Club (USA, France, Italy)

Valge Tüdruk (concert & performance, resistance & militantism, Estonia)

Alevilik Aşkına (Concert/road-Movie around Alevi music, Dersim, Eastern Anatolia, Turkey)

Puissance des percussions (feature-length documentary film about heritage of Senegalese percussions)

Ragazze Italiane (Onda italiana)

Trio Paso 3 (Traditional flamenco and contemporary dance)

Alain & Sandra Diaz (Flamenco)

P*t*n Club (ElectronicIndustrialAvantRock)

Igor Hofbauer (Croatia - illustration, graphics) 

Mamer & Iz (Chinese Kazakhstan, industrial/experimental)

Paradise Sorouri (Afghanistan, hip-hop, rap)

L’Enfance Rouge (Italy, France - avant-rock)

Fran de la Frontera (Paco el Rojo) (Flamenco)

Dony Balliardo (Flamenco)

Attention Tanger (Morocco, Italy, France - théâtre & poetry)

Les Frères Gharbi (Tunisia - contemporary oriental music)

Thollem Mac Donas (USA - comprovisation)
Ruuhaania (Tunisia/France/Italie - Oriental & Possessed Avant, with Lotfi Bouchnak)

La République du Sauvage (France, Italy - Hurlements D’Léo + L’Enfance Rouge)

D.J. Tewfik al-Firansyy (Tunisia - DJing)

Low House (Degraded state of earthly flesh, United States of America, Poland, Italy, France)
Putan Club + Valge Tüdruk (avant-dance, avant-rock, techno, dance, ethno, electronic & activism)


Some events:

Festival Trasporti Marittimi

Itinerant festival of transverse and non-aligned musics, the Trasporti Marittimi festival takes place every winter.

From Avant-Rock to Contemporary Classical Music, from Contemporary Dance to Jazz-Core, from Oriental Creative Music to D.J set, the destinations of Transporti Marittimi are defined by the originality and the taste for the adventure of its  artists. Instinctively demanding and inflexible, we travel without super-stars nor primadonna but with brains and hearts of the contemporary creation.

Festival itinérant de musiques transversales et non-alignées, le Festival Trasporti Marittimi a lieu chaque hiver.

De l’avant-rock à la musique classique contemporaine, de la danse contemporaine au jazz-core, de la musique créative orientale au au D.J set, les destinations des Transporti Marittimi sont définies par l’originalité et le goût pour l’aventure de ses artistes. Instinctivement exigeants et intransigeants, nous voyageons sans super-stars ni primadonna mais avec les cerveaux et les coeurs de la création contemporaine.

Festival La Gaia Scienza  (Castrignano dei Greci, Le, Italy)

Artistic festival for children.

Festival pour enfants.

Solo Festival

Solo artists by the sea, music and poetry, at Porto Selvaggio, Salento, Italy. The greatest programming and location you can wish. Our latest edition saw Jelena Vjestica, Mauro Tre, Francesco Negro, Thomas Corvaglia (piano); Emanuele Coluccia (horns) with Marthia Carrozzo’s poetry; Angela Così (harp); Marco Bardoscia (double-bass); Paco El Rojo (flamenco guitar); Giorgia Santoro (flute); Roberto Gagliardi (sax).

Festival dell’Opera per Voci Bianche  (Salento, Le, Italy)

Festival dedicated to Benjamin Britten's work.

Festival dédié à l’oeuvre de Benjamin Britten.

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Ndar Electrique
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